Aloha Club Tiki Bar Matchbook

Posted by Dan 30/07/2017 0 Comment(s)
Experiencing its heydey during World War II, The Aloha Club was basically an Pacific island themed bar that offered dancing and strong cocktails to sailors and other people passing through Martinez, CA. Located near two ammunition facilities,  including the infamous Port Chicago Munitions Depot.
There are a lot of variations on this matchbook floating around, apparently the owners of this club (and many others in the pre-internet days) had no issue straight up stealing artwork from more established places like Don The Beachcomber.
We liked this version, featuring the kind of shady-looking character in the background lighting up a cigarette.  It is a matchbook after all!
The owner of the matchbook only supplied us with one image (pictured) so the words Old-Fashioned Hospitality did not make it into our final re-creation of this classic bit of polynesian pop.

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