Tiki AirBnB Homes

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While most people who love Tiki would want to spend their time in tropical settings somewhere in the Pacific, that type of travel on a regular basis is out of some of our leagues. So when you are planning uour next Staycation you might check out some of the tiki-themed offerings that can be found on AirBnB.com. Not all of these have a load of tiki, some are just cool and tropical, but we sifted through a lot of the listings and came up with what we consider to be our best-of Airbnb tiki.

Like a tiki bar in the middle of the desert. Joshua Tree CA. This is a 2000 sq. ft. 2+ bedroom house built in 1959 that has original tiki interior and vintage decor. If this were a contest, this one would be the winner. You get the best of two worlds, the remote and seculded workd outside of Joshua Tree where you can spend your day hiking and exploring, then return to your own lounge for an adult beverage and some cool exotica.






Here is another remote, rustic location in California Located in Pioneertown, CA is a 600 square foot home on a plot o land called Janky Acres. The names alone make it worth it. Another high desert retreat, this house is perhaps not as impressive or as well thought out as the one in Joshua Tree, but still has a real rustic charm to it



This one is a good alternative to a hotel room as long as you don't mind staying in pretty much a shack/. The hut itself is not much, really it kind of looks like a barley finished tool shed kit from Home Depot, but it does have a shower and a bed and at $55 a night I could think of worse things than to sleep surrounded by a neat garden setting like this one.
I imagine the heat and bugs are probably a negative, although the reviews seem to be generally positive


No tiki’s really here, but what a tropical paradise just outside of San Diego with an amazing looking pool. Like being at a resort


Another property that is light on actual Tikis, this is an amazing tropical resort-like setting in South Florida. Sitting on a canal, we imaging gators might be an issue on occasion, but hey what is life if you don’t gamble a little


This one is more kitschy than tiki, but it earns points for being a treehouse. I mean, come on, a TREEHOUSE! and it does have a bar.


Located in Southern Calfornia I am going to ignore the rather tacky decorations because this one is ON THE BEACH. I can see myself spending a great deal of time here.


This Midwest propery one is light on the decor side, actually with the excpetion of the bar/living room area it is really very sparse. However it does have the virtue of being right above The Lost Lake Tiki bar (http://www.lostlaketiki.com/) in  Logan Square Illinois, Drink up and be careful navigating the stairs, if you consume ebough exotic drinks at the downstairs bar you will probably be too inebriated to notice that the bedrooms look to have something of a holding cell feel to them. Your other option is to pass out in the living room.


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