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SLG Publishing produces t-shirts and art prints and comics under a variety of different brand names. Out comics, of course are SLG Publishing, many of our shirts are sold under the brand name TeeGeniuses or, in the case of the tiki bar shirts, ArkivaTropika.


One of our main sales channels for the t-shirts is eBay. I don’t thing that eBay needs any introduction, but one of the programs they offer and that we participate is worth an extra mention. eBay For Charity take a portion of each sale we make on eBay and gives a percentage of that sale to a charity of our choice. The list of non-profits that take part in this program is impressive and the fact that we can drill down and select a group that is local to us is even better, keeping the money in our own community.


Now, this is not eBay donating the money, this is us (and other sellers) taking a percentage out of their sales and donating to the non-profits of our choice. Lots of other sellers do the same thing and according to the banner on the eBay donation management page over $725 Million dollars have been raised for different on-profit groups across the country.


It’s fun for me too because I can sometimes match up a shirt design with a charity that sort of reflects what is in the art or where a piece may have originally come from. Our Frontier Village shirt, for instance, is from a sticker from the long-gone-but not-forgotten San Jose, CA amusement park. We selected the Preservation Action Council of San Jose as the charity for this and a couple of other San Jose historical designs and do date we have raised $80 for them.


Okay, so that’s not a number that is going to land me any Philanthropy awards, but it is $80 more than they had in the first place and a nice way to spend the money. Given that the original artist for the sticker we reproduced is long since gone, this is a nice way to sort of honor that person’s memory.


Another shirt we do, The Palms of Anaheim Tiki shirt donates a percentage to the Humane Society. Why? Well there is a dark chapter in that place’s history that involves a monkey digging its own grave and then being shot to death in it. Very weird.


At any rate, here is the list of current charities and donations we have made since join gin the eBay giving program. Again, these numbers are modest at best, but does show the breadth of the charities that you can contribute to by your purchase.



Preservation Action Council


Unity Care Group


Prostate Cancer Foundation




Humane Society


Hero Initiative


Citizen Impact


Youth Focus Inc


Prostate Cancer Foundation


Billy deFrank LGBT Community Center


Social Justice Collaborative



Now I am not writing this to pat myself on the back, my intention here is to call attention to this program. Lots of people shop on eBay and with the holidays a lot of people will be doing random searches looking for stuff at good prices. This year however when you search for things try clicking on the Advanced Search tab, type in your search terms and scroll down and click the eBay for Charity button, this will limit your searches to just those listings where the seller is donating a portion of the sale to a charity.


Our newest shirt design, Club Tradewinds Tiki Bar shirt has gone up and now adds the ALS Foundation to the list of charities we are sending money to. Check it out on eBay here.


While we would still be happy if you bought our shirts and stuff here on our site, we are mor ethan happy when someone buys from one of our eBay listingss as well


Thanks for listening, I now return you to the regular nonsense.


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