Tiki Torch Safety And You

Posted by Dan 30/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Far be it from me to be a buzzkill, but a couple of recent items that popped up on my newsfeed got me to thinking about the inherent dangers of every person looking to convert their backyard into a tropical paradise faces; the combustibility of tiki torches and their fuel. 

It's cool to sit in your backyard on a warm summer evening with your perfectly crafted polynesian cocktail, the cool night air helping to take the edge off of your long, hot day while you stare at the beauty of the dancing flames coming from your backyard tiki torches.

Here, though, are a couple of news items about how mishadling lead to both physical and property damage.
Home Fire Causes $250K in damages

Teens Injured Refilling Tiki Torches

Keeping in mind proper handling of the fuel is maybe the most important aspect of proper tiki torch usage. Also keep in mind that your tiki torch, in particular the bamboo and cane torches, are just a fancy version of Molotov cocktail.

Here are a couple of handy references for proper tiki torch technique, 

Proper Tiki Torch Handling - Written by an insurance agent, so probably seen a thing or two

Tiki Torch Safety Tips - This is a downloadable PDF file written by the Excelsior Fire Department.

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