Trader Vic's Icon Retires at age 80

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As a frequent visitor to Trader Vic's in Emeryville, CA I was of course familiar with their longtime hostess Claudette Lum. Working as the face of the classic restuarant in two of its locations (San Francisco and Emeryville) Claudette was more than just a hostess, she was the face of bygone era when dining was an an adventure and a high-end restaurant required you to wear a jacket and tie when eating there.

Cluadette, though, alos played a role in the our first editions of The Grog Log, introducing the editor to Lynn Bergeron who, in turn, gave us permission to reprint to classic Trader Vic's cocktail recipes in the Jeff Berry's book.

Here is a nice article from the San Francisco Chronicle that give a more complete look at Claudette's nearly six decade career with Trader Vic's.

Thanks for the memories Claudette, you will be missed.

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